Event #2 - Education: A Charter For Change


Sign the charter virtually HERE!


Photography by Rick Roxburgh, Zander Olsen and Robert Pike

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Were you unable to attend the debate? Don't worry, here is a podcast from the event:






Niall McLaughlin (Niall McLaughlin Architects)
Prof Robert Mull (Dean of Architecture and Spatial Design, London Met)
Nic Clear (Unit 15 master, Greenwich)
Merlin Fulcher (Architects' Journal)
Prof Jeremy Till (Dean of Architecture and the Built Environment, Westminster)
Alastair Parvin (00:/)
Robert Pike (Boidus)
Max Gane (Project Context)
Paul McGrath (TAPTA)
Helen Misselbrook (Resolution Architecture)


About the event


A new breed of young architecture graduates set out to tackle the frightening issues facing architectural education.

The What Now? collaborative and Zap Architecture combined forces to propose a formal initiative of educational redress in the form of a 'charter'. The processional signing of this Charter marked the closing of Zap's 'Pavilion of Protest' exhibition at the RIBA and gave participants the opportunity to voice their concerns in a speaker's corner style debate. The concerns, questions and propositions were discussed and consolidated into a Charter of measurable actions to be signed by all attendees on the night.

The aim of the Charter is to instigate an immediate reflection on the current situation for students, which is evidentially flawed, both financially and academically. The Charter forms a record of ideas for change and an ignite a 'call to arms' for those who talk a lot and act a little. This Charter is devoid of institutional pressures or politics, created by those affected, for those affected. It carries a wealth of integrity as it evolves directly from the demographic for whom it serves. The Charter For Change was more than a discussion to be shelved.

From left to right: Zohra Chiheb, Pol Gallagher, Wai Shin Li, Alison Coutinho, Dan Slavinsky